Umami Duck Ballotine

Umami duck ballotine, Daikon Pave with wild mushrooms, leek & chestnut purée, duck leg bon bons and smoked blackberries

Created by University of Derby (2018/19)

Course: Main

Servings: 4

Students: Ollie Rogers, Charlie D’Lima, Jake Miller

Lecturer: Leonard Cseh

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Stuffed duck ballotine
1 whole duck (use breast and keep skin whole)
30g button mushrooms 
5g anchovies
20g fresh yeast
20g miso
20g kombu
2 banana ahallots
20g chestnuts 
20g thyme 
20g rosemary
1 egg white

Daikon pave
2 daikon
200ml double cream
100g butter unsalted
50g wild mushrooms

Duck leg bon bons
(use 2 legs of duck)
150ml red wine 
100ml Madeira wine 
10g thyme
10g rosemary 
50g flour
3 eggs

leek purée
5 leeks
50g unsalted butter

40g Blackberries 

20g Oyster mushroom

Duck ballotine

  1. Dehydrate the yeast, miso, mushrooms, kombu and anchovies. Blitz to form a paste. Add the chestnuts, duck liver and some sweated off shallots to the puree as well as the chopped up herbs.
  2. Remove the leg meat from the duck and then remove the breast meat. Butterfly both the breasts out and stuff them with the umami and chestnut paste. Roll tightly and wrap in the fat from the rest of the duck.
  3. Wrap in cling film, sous vide for 45 minutes at 50*c then dry, and pan sear in butter, thyme and garlic. Serve half of each breast per portion.


Duck leg bon bons

  1. Sear off the duck leg meat with salt and garlic, place in pressure cooker for rest of ingredients, apart from flour egg and panko. After 1 hour, shred the meat and ball into bon bons, pane them in flour, egg and panko then fry.
  2. Strain and reduce the sauce from the bon bons.


Daikon pave

  1. Heat the cream butter and milk together and season.
  2. Slice the Daikon thinly and layer a lined in gastro, in between each layer season and pour some of the cream mixture.
  3. Cook in oven at 160* for 20 minutes -30 minutes.
  4. Remove from oven when cooked and press down in fridge. Put weights on top to press it.


Leek purée

  1. Sweat the leeks down, add the garlic and cream and butter.
  2. Cook till soft and blend with chestnuts.



  1. Smoke the blackberries for 5-10 minutes.

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