Asian Sea Bass

Asian spiced marinated sea bass, crisp cumin noodles, pickled chard, mint and goat’s cheese curd

Created by Newcastle College (2018/19)

Course: Starter

Servings: 4

Students: Phillip Ho, Katie Robinson, Jemima Matuki

Lecturer: Mal Farmer

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4 x 100g portions

1 lime
1 red chilli
coriander stalks

Crispy noodles
cumin spice

Goats curd
goat’s cheese
mint leaf

Coriander oil
olive oil

white wine vinegar

  1. Scale and remove the fillets from the seabass, pin bone, portion and score the skin. Refrigerate.
  2. Prepare all ingredients for the marinate – seed chilli, grate and squeeze lime, peel ginger and garlic, crush lemon grass and remove wood, add coriander stalks and blend to a paste.  Spread over the flesh of the bass and marinate in fridge. Do not put marinate on the skin.
  3. Blend coriander and olive oil with seasoning to create a bright green dressing.
  4. Bring vinegar, water and sugar to the boil to make a pickling liquor, chill quickly.  Cover red chard leaves and refrigerate.
  5. Blend mint leaf and mix with skinned goats cheese and yoghurt.  Ensure a thick consistency.
  6. Papaya dice.
  7. Blanche, dry off then deep fry the noodles to make crisp nests, dust with cumin salt.
  8. Pan fry the bass fillets, ensure the oil is sizzling and seasoned.  Turn once.
  9. To serve, wipe the marinate from the flesh of the bass and quickly pan fry, ensure crisp skin, allow to rest.
  10. Assemble the noodles, curd, papaya and chard, place the bass on top of the noodles and dress with the coriander oil and nasturtium leaf.

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