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Why you should get involved

The Students

This is your opportunity to receive recognition for your culinary skills and gain valuable feedback from our panel of judges. Competing in industry competitions provides vital work experience and knowledge to student chefs.

Being involved in industry competitions, whether you win or not, is an invaluable addition to any CV and provides a fantastic platform through which to further your career. Competing provides a whole new string to your bow, allows you to showcase your own ideas, be recognised by your peers and have the opportunity to develop new skills and experience diverse food styles and presentations. There is also a personal sense of pride. Competing also offers opportunities to establish greater relationships with suppliers through sponsorship, to network with chefs you would never dream of meeting ordinarily, and compete against some of the world’s finest talent.

We aim to recognise the skills of student chefs, the lecturers and colleges across the regions and celebrate the exceptional culinary talents of the future of the UK hospitality industry.’

The Lecturer & College

“It’s an incredible competition which provides so many benefits so I can’t recommend it enough for both students and colleges. The competition gave the girls a real insight into what they can do and helped provide them with the confidence and belief to keep developing and strive for the top. Winning the highly sought after award and the prize of going to the Culinary Olympics is fantastic for their CVs and we also received an incredible amount of press coverage for the college, both locally and nationally.”

– Darren Creed, Loughborough College (2016 Challenge winners & 2017 Challenge Finalists)

Are you up to the Challenge?