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The 2016/2017 Challenge

We require the teams to prepare, cook and present a three-course, three-cover menu within a 90-minute period.

They will be judged on their unique interpretation of the ‘Healthy Gourmet Fine Dining’ theme and the taste, presentation, teamwork, seasoning, culinary skills, working methods and the overall balance of the menu.

Healthy Gourmet Fine Dining

This year’s theme is ‘Healthy Gourmet Fine Dining’. The starter must be vegetarian and contain at least one super grain, such as amaranth, chia seeds, freekeh or quinoa.

The main course can contain meat or fish but must be centred around imaginative healthy cooking techniques, such as sous vide, poaching and smoking, steering away from deep frying and fatty cooking methods.

Finally, the dessert should contain fruit where possible and, again, refrain from containing too much butter and cream. Marks will be awarded to teams that really work foods to extract as much flavour as possible, whilst steering away from adding too much oil, butter, salt and sugar in their cooking methods.

Dishes should be stylish, beautifully presented and demonstrate great technique as well as being packed full of clearly defined aromas, textures and flavours.


In addition to taking home the much coveted title, the victorious team will also win the unique opportunity to work with the Guild’s culinary team in catering for over a thousand guests at the Craft Guild of Chefs Annual Awards 2017.

The Challenge Final

This live final of the 2016/2017 Challenge will take place on the 15th March in the Live Theatre of ScotHot – Scotland’s biggest food, drink and hospitality show.  ScotHot runs from the 15-16 March at the SECC Glasgow and is also home to the 31st Scottish Culinary Championships.

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